Swimsuit season is right around the corner… Can you believe it? I’m praying the above picture isn’t foreshadowing what this summer will really look like in quarantine. If so, I’m seriously thinking about buying a blow-up pool, that’s acceptable right?! Today I wanted to round up some affordable swimsuit options that I’ve been eyeing!


deep v one-piece swimsuit // floral one-piece swimsuit // hot pink strapless bikini // tan snakeskin bikini // black ruffle bikini // orange halter bikini // tan luxe tanning oil // tan luxe foam // square tan beach bag // fan purse // teal halter bikini // floral bikini // blue snakeskin bikini // black asymmetrical bikini // cheetah two-piece bikini

Also, I added my favorite self-tanner because we can all use some help with that! I personally use Tan Luxe products, it smells SO good, doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky and is 100% streak-free.  The first time I tried it I knew it would be my go-to and it still is!


Time to do some more home workouts before we are allowed out again! Check out my home workout post here.

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  1. I just started following you today. May I say you are one beautiful woman. I hope you get into the shape you want for bikini season. I think you look like you are already in bikini shape.

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