For years now I have bought cooking magazines and tore out my favorite recipes from each one. The only problem was keeping the loose pieces of paper organized. The pile of recipes kept growing, and anytime I remembered a recipe I wanted to try I never wanted to take the time to sift through the giant stack. Was it just me being lazy…yes, because it probably wouldn’t have taken too much time but for most of those who know me I’m not that patient. This past Christmas I finally found the key to my recipe organization issue! I was out shopping with my family in Oklahoma when I noticed a new home decor store that opened in the mall. The store is called MUSE by Lucca.  I was browsing around (and fell in love with everything in the store) about to check out when I saw this hot pink folder with the label RECIPES on the front. It was exactly what I needed! Already labeled with dividers and clear sleeves to put your recipes in I grabbed it and luckily my sweet grandma offered to buy it for me for Christmas. A few weeks ago I finally took a few hours and went through the huge stack of recipes and added them to the book. Now I can easily find the recipes I love and the new ones I want to try! Stay tuned for lots of these recipes on the blog!

Recipe Book

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