Yes my best friend got married December 4th, but it wasn’t quite like the movie! It was absolutely gorgeous, eventful and when our group of friends get together the word fun can’t even begin to describe the time we have together. This wedding was something me and my friends have been looking forward to and expecting for quite some time now. The bride and her now husband have been together since middle school so I guess you can’t really say they are high school sweet hearts!

Brooke Burnett, Katie Lewis, Ashton Cook, Channing King, Tiffany Moore, Kelsey Pennell

The festivities began Friday morning December 3rd with relaxing manicures and pedicures. Our next lovely event of the day was the bridesmaids luncheon at Inspirations Tea Room in Edmond, OK. As one of the bridesmaids it was so fun being able to experience this weekend with a group of girls I’ve known for several years. That night when we arrived at the church for the rehearsal everyone could not have been more excited. Especially the groom…he tripped down the stairs! Okay it was an accident…new shoes! : ) Our closest friends and the bride and grooms families gathered after for the rehearsal dinner. I knew the night would be an emotional night when we all got together and the speeches began. If you were in the room that night you would have clearly seen how many people love and support this couple.

Brooke Burnett, Tiffany Moore, Channing King, Kelsey Pennell, Katie Lewis

December 4, 2010: The WEDDING! The ceremony was perfect and the reception was a “winter wonderland!” The bride looked like a princess, the groom looked incredibly handsome, the bridesmaids and groomsmen all looked fabulous. Following the first dance at the reception there was the cutting of the cake. The grooms cake was a little untraditional because he isn’t the biggest fan of cake. A giant cookie cake, chocolate chip cookies, and milk covered the table. Throughout the night the drinks continued to flow and no one wanted the dancing to end. We actually continued the party at the hotel bar where the bride and groom were staying!

Lindsay Cook Wedding Party

This wedding was everything anyone ever expected and more. We can’t wait to see who the next one of our friends will be to get married, but without a doubt it will be another amazing night!

Lindsay Cook Wedding Bridesmaids


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