Brooke Burnett wearing Autumn Cashmere sleeveless white sweater

Alright y’all… I’ve been trying to pick up the pace on blog posts, but I have been sharing a lot of posts on Instagram so didn’t want you to miss these great outfits! ALSO… I wanted to take this time to talk to you all about how you prefer to shop my outfits and let you know about the new app. Have you dowloaded it? Or do you even know what is?

Basically, LTK is the easiest way you can shop all of the outfits I post on Instagram in case they don’t make it to the blog. Recently, Facebook made some changes to their API access (third party access) which has been a bit of an issue if you’re used to shopping my outfits via LTK by “liking” my photo within Instagram. Unfortunately, you CANNOT solely “like” a photo anymore to receive a email. You CAN “screenshot” the photo on Instagram and receive an email.

HOWEVER… My recommendation is to always shop on the blog 🙂 You can shop any of these outfits on my Instagram page! OR… Just download the LTK app and shop whenever you feel like it!


black summer dress on dallas lifestyle blogger

chic all white bedroom decor

peach summer vacation dress

denim jumper worn by Dallas fashion blogger

Brooke Burnett wearing Milly at Dolce Riviera

chic office to night springtime look

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