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IRL… Heard it before? In Real Life… I’ve always tried to be an influencer that shows the good, bad and the ugly. Aka…my real life crap. And, that’s exactly how my Monday morning started off. Just a real life Monday morning where everything was not in my favor. We’ve all been there, right?!

I woke up on time and on the right side of the bed so what the heck happened? Well, first off I walked outside at 6:15am thinking I was going to be up early enough to beat the heat and get these photos done for one of my favorite blog post series. Earlier this year, I started doing these “work wear” posts showing you how to style a certain item a few different ways. Everyone has loved it so I was really excited about showing you how I’d style this gorgeous plum suit from Ann Taylor. I walked out the door and felt like I walked right into a sauna… It was SOOOOOOOO humid!!!!!


wear this plum blazer

wear plum to work outfit of a sweater and pants

wear plum to work outfit

a plum blazer and a white purse

a purple blazer and heels and a purse

wear plum to work with this look of a girl wearing shades with a coffee cup in her hand

heels and plum at work

a plum blazer at work


So much for trying to curl my hair because it went completely flat after about 2 minutes outside. Then because of the humidity my camera fogged up. I had to take the lens off so it would adapt to the climate outside and unfog making my pictures clear. I spent a pretty penny on this new lens so I wasn’t about to scratch it trying to clean it with a napkin or something. As I was waiting for the moisture to evaporate off the lens, I had set the body of the camera on a table with my coffee at Starbucks. Any ideas what might have happened next… Yep, I knocked my coffee over right next to the camera body. By the grace of God somehow I picked up the camera quick enough that only a small drop of coffee got on the inside of the camera and the strap.

Now I was hot, sticky, shiny (oily face problems) and super irritated. Awesome. It took me a few minutes to suck it up and not look like I had “resting b*tch face” in all of these photos. Luckily, I have a really great friend who helped me “get over it” because in all honesty, everything was fine. It was a little mishap that shouldn’t ruin my day OR my cute outfit for that matter!

Plum is going to be a big color this fall. That’s why I thought I’d show you how to style this suit set 3 different ways for work. My personal favorite outfit is the blazer and jeans because that’s my typical work uniform when I meet with clients. I usually gravitate towards pairing a deep purple with leopard because they compliment each other so good. And, I really like these patent leopard pumps because the leopard print is a bit more subtle. Probably much better in an office environment.

I will say I was way more surprised with these wide leg pants once I tried them on. They are really really comfortable and don’t wrinkle! While we are transitioning into fall try a sleeveless sweater cardigan and you could even belt it. If you needed to be much more professional I love the blazer and pants together for more of an oversized “menswear” look.

If you’ve been following me for a while then you know how much I love Ann Taylor for good work wear finds! Check out all their new arrivals here!

*Thanks Ann Taylor for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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