Alexander McQueen scull scarf copy

scull scarf

I’ve always been a bit of a bargain shopper… I’ll splurge on a high end/designer item every once in a while, but look in my closet and you will see 95% of my wardrobe consists of items I got on sale, at a local boutique or thanks to Pinterest, online for a steal! After graduating from SMU and starting my own small business I realized I needed to re-prioritize my budget. The cable bill kinda needed to be paid before I hit the mall. I still manage to feed my fashion addiction, but I’ve realized how to still look fashionable on a budget!

Why is it every time I go shopping for something specific it’s pretty much guaranteed I won’t find it? However, when I go for no reason (well usually I’m bored, which can be dangerous) I always manage to find something I fall in love with. I’ve had my eye on the Alexander McQueen scull scarf for some time now, but let’s face it my budget just can’t afford a $300 scarf! Last week I had to run to Nordstrom for some make-up and decided to browse through the BP section. Right as I was about to head to my car I spotted the scull scarf (pictured below). $18 compared to $300 = deal!


(photo by Sarah Jean Photography)

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