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Givenchy Mister Light: Dark Eye Corrector Pen // NARS ‘Soft Touch’ Shadow Pencil // Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeshadow Stick // Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eyeliner

Typically I don’t wear a lot of eye make-up on an everyday basis. It’s usually eyeliner and mascara then out the door. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I’m not very patient. I get so frustrated when trying to put on eyeshadow because it never turns out like the picture I’m trying to mimic. However, now that I’ve found these incredible eyeshadow sticks it’s completely changed the game. It’s so much quicker and easier than applying four different eyeshadows, plus you literally take the stick rub it on and then blend it with your finger. How easy is that?! I use the NARS shadow stick first by applying it over most of my eyelid. Next, I take the Laura Mercier caviar stick and draw a thin line at the bottom of my lid where the eyelid and eyelash line meet. Then all you do is take your finger or an eyeshadow brush and go over the line to blend it into the other shadow. You’re seriously done in less than 2 minutes!

If you’re like me and don’t wear eyeshadow everyday you will still love these other two products. My eyeliner never stays on throughout the day, but I’ve finally found one that lasts for hours. The Bobbi Brown Long-Wear eyeliner is exactly what it says: long-wear. I can go almost all day without having to reapply my eyeliner.

Okay listen up! I think the Givenchy Mister Light Instant Corrector Pen is hands down one of my favorite eye products. When I was getting my makeup done during NYFW by Sephora I wasn’t paying much attention to what the makeup artist was doing, but then I looked up for a quick second and did a double take in the mirror. He had applied the Givenchy Mister Light to one eye and I couldn’t believe how much brighter and alive my eye looked! Seriously even if you’re not sleep deprived or have dark circles under your eyes this little pen will change your life.

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  1. Hi, I’m new to your blog. I love your makeup tips for the eyes! I love the colors you’ve used here and was wondering if you would share what color the Nars stick is and also the Laura Mercier color is. Thank you!

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