Alright, ladies, the holiday spirit is officially in the air which also means a few of your friends are bound to get engaged. If you are single like me it’s a bittersweet time. Don’t get me wrong, I love this time of year and it makes me extremely happy! But, I’d much rather be spending it with a significant other like I did last year. Although, that didn’t end very well so…

If you know a friend is about to get engaged this holiday season you will obviously be happy for them. But in all reality, you also want a diamond ring. Am I right? So why not ask for one? Or as I like to say… Treat Yo Self! Blue Nile is the perfect place to find what you really want this holiday season!


Calm down, I’m not saying buy yourself an engagement ring. However, ring stacking with simple diamond bands are totally appropriate. And, there is no better place to find a gorgeous diamond ring than Blue Nile. They are the world’s leading online diamond retailer. Also, a little birdie told me they are going to have a ridiculous Black Friday SALE!!!

This year was my 31st birthday, and I really thought the year of being 30 years old was going to be “my year”. WRONG. So that’s why I decided I really wanted something special for my birthday. Something to remind myself I deserve happiness. Yes, the main reason I decided I wanted a new simple diamond ring band was to add on to my ring stack. However, the other reason was to also remind myself that I am a confident, attractive, and successful girl boss who can buy herself something pretty if she wants it.

The Blue Nile twist band diamond ring is a reminder that the most important relationship in my life is with God and myself. The rose gold diamond band reminds me to keep the faith and hope that I am meant to get married one day. So many women don’t acknowledge their accomplishments or play them off as no big deal. But… You are a BIG DEAL!

So this holiday season, buy yourself something nice on Blue Nile. I know it’s the season of giving, but I guarantee you know if you’ve worked your ass off this year. It’s okay to celebrate YOU. Even if you can’t buy what your heart desires right now pick something out and set a goal to buy it in 2018.

Every woman deserves to feel pretty, and Blue Nile is the place to start!!

photos: Beckley & Co.

*Thanks Blue Nile for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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