The “Blogger Boss Workshop” is always a whirlwind of a weekend! Last year, I started the workshop hosting 2 groups of amazing ladies. This year, I’m on track to host 3 workshops for new and advanced bloggers! So far it’s off to a great start!
This past workshop was also the first time I offered advanced classes. Many of you asked for extended training on topics such as SEO (search engine optimization) and photo editing. I’m happy to say I’ll be offering these courses during every workshop. And…guess what?! The next workshop will be in JUNE!!


Blogger Boss Workshop in Dallas Texas

blogger boss workshop spring 2018 at WeWork in Uptown DallasMany of you know I have owned a digital marketing company for 8 years now. Over the years, I have learned that my biggest passion is teaching and helping others achieve their dreams. That’s why the workshop was born. I love watching attendees show up on Saturday morning so eager to learn all about the blogging world. Majority of the workshop focuses on behind the scenes work that goes into becoming a blogger, but there is some fun involved thanks to our sponsors!

At the end of each workshop, I always ask the attendees, “what did you love most about the workshop?”. Almost 99% of the time it’s something related to how much time it saved them trying to figure this stuff out on their own. Blogging is HARD work. But, if you have the tools and dedication then you can easily become One Blogger Boss 🙂

Also, they always LOVE the influencer panel. This time we had influencer, Rhonda Jenkins, and Taylor from ItCrowd Marketing to speak about the brand side of things. I’ve recently started working with ItCrowd to help me manage my brand collaborations. They’ve been a huge help in negotiating on my behalf!

web development class for bloggersHeroic Search owner teaching SEO Optimization for bloggers















The Blogger Boss Workshop isn’t like other workshops out there… It’s basically like going back to school for a weekend but taking a majorly advanced class in a day and a half. One of the most popular topics during the workshop is SEO. I’ve worked with Jared from Heroic Search for years and I’m so thankful to have him teaching. I mean I know how to do my SEO, but I find myself learning news tidbits of information from him every single time he teaches at the workshop.

Dallas blogger workshop

This year, I wanted to make the Blogger Boss Workshop even bigger and better. That started with finding an amazing location and incredible sponsors. As a newbie blogger, getting free stuff is always the BEST. It gives you an easy way to create content right off the bat.

Uptown Dallas meeting and work spacePrim and Lovely floral arrangements















WeWork Uptown // Prim & Lovely Florals

Hosting the workshop at WeWork Uptown also gave attendees a chance to get some great photo content. It was a great spot to learn about indoor and outdoor lighting. Plus, we had all different kinds of props to use. I love using flowers in my photos as a background or in flat lay photos. I was so happy Prim & Lovely sponsored these beautiful arrangements which worked perfectly in the space.

All The Wire Blogger Boss Cuffs

jewelry made local in Dallas

Fossil // All the Wire

I died when I saw these cute bracelets from All the Wire! I’ve been wearing mine alllll the time. Getting a detail shot of bracelets like these and making sure the text is in focus is a great opportunity to practice your camera skills. A great detail shot would be the “blogger boss” bracelet with these amazing pink handbags from Fossil!

Dapper Doughnut in Grapevine catered breakfast High Brew Coffee in Dallas Texas















Dapper Donuts // High Brew Coffee

Coffee is an absolute necessity during this jam-packed weekend. I’ve been a fan of High Brew Coffee for a few months now and obsessed is an understatement. And, they are a Texas company so love them even more! So what goes best with coffee to get this weekend going?! Donuts duh. These little mini donuts from The Dapper Donut were the most delicious airy sweet treat. Caffiene and sugar = great way to start a morning of intense learning!

Blogger boss Brooke Burnett at WeWork

gifts from Talulah and Hess, Austin Eastciders and Cherryedible cookie dough from DOH Dallas















DOH Dallas // Austin EastCiders

Around 2pm, everyone usually starts to look a little overwhelmed… That’s why I always have a good pick me up to keep the momentum going until happy hour. Well, we kinda started happy hour early with Austin Eastciders. Also, DOH Dallas provided the late night sweet treats for everyone. Who wouldn’t want to snack on a ball of cookie dough covered in sprinkles after a longggg day.

lifestyle blogger gifts for blogging workshop

Also, after a long day of learning a night of relaxation is well deserved. Light a Tommy Bahama candle, draw a bath with these bath salts from Talulah & Hess, and open a bottle of wine. Don’t worry if you can’t finish the entire bottle because all you need is Wine Condoms. Hilarious, right?


YSL Beauty // Cherry // BAM Beauty Bar // Outdoor Voices // MyWalit

Dallas fashion blogger at Dolce Riviera in Harwood districtfashion blogger at Bar Stellar in Knox Henderson















Dolce Riviera // Bar Stellar

The workshop is for learning… But, I also wanted to give attendees some time to chat and get to know each other! The other reason I love hosting the Blogger Boss Workshop is watching new blogger friendships form during the weekend. I don’t know what I’d do without my blogger babe tribe! A huge THANKS to Dolce Riviera and Bar Stellar for hosting us during the weekend. Along with keeping us from being hangry!

Dallas lifestyle blogger using LYFT ride sharing


Another HUGE THANKS to Lyft for getting us around all weekend! There are plenty of attendees who come into town for the workshop, and Lyft is definitely the way to go when getting around Dallas. Actually, they are my “go-to” whenever I’m traveling because they are always so nice! When we left WeWork Uptown, the driver was so helpful with taking all of our bags and putting them in the car. They even made sure we were buckled up!

Once again, thank you to all the amazing sponsors of the workshop!! I never dreamed I’d be doing something like this, but words don’t even explain how grateful and happy it makes me to host the Blogger Boss Workshop!!

photos/video: Beckley Co.

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  1. Love this post! Obsessed with the bag. Can’t wait to take your workshop! Fingers crossed you have more this year!

  2. You are such an inspiration to not only myself but to all women in that we can do anything we set our mind to!! Love this

  3. Fun to go behind the scenes. Love reading about places in Dallas you love since I’m in the big D as well!

  4. I love your blog – you were one of the first that I started following! It’s awesome to see you teaching others your ways so they can be just as successful as you!!

  5. Love this post! I’d love to go to one of your workshops! Crossing my fingers that you have more this year!

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