blushington dallasblushington dallasblushington dallasblushington dallasblushington dallasblushington dallas blushington dallasLast week I attended a Makeup 101 class with Blushington and Circle Seven Five here in Dallas. I must say I was quite surprised how many tips and tricks I picked up! Apparently I’ve been doing quite a few things wrong (not surprised). I don’t wear a ton of make up to begin with because my skin is super oily.

Tip 1: if you have oily skin don’t wear products with a lot of sparkle or shimmer. It actually brings out more oil in the skin. Looks like I need to switch out a few products like my bronzer which is why I picked up this Girlactik matte bronzer.

Tip 2:  When applying bronzer apply from the hairline down to your cheek. Just started applying this tip over the weekend and it looks way better. I was applying bronzer to the apples of my cheeks so no wonder it looked so intense. Also, apply the left over loose powder up and around your hairline on your forehead.

Tip 3: Smile when you apply your blush that way you can see exactly where to apply (usually the apple of your cheek).

Last, if you are like me and don’t like putting on a full face of make up here are 5 products to use every day: face primer (the one I picked up from Stila is awesome and good for oily or dry skin types), mascara, bronzer, eyeliner, and lip gloss.


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