summer hair care fekkai soleil

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the Frederic Fekkai salon to chat with Frederic about his newest product line. He created the Soleil line specifically for summer hair care, and for someone who colors their hair like me you should be using these products. I’ve always try to be good about using sun protection for my body, but I’ve never really thought about sun protection for my hair. Not good, especially as a blonde!

The sun can do just as much damage to your hair as your skin so it’s time to add the Fekkai Pre Soleil Hair Mist to your summer beach or pool routine. The mist will give your hair a UV protection to minimize color fade and keep your hair hydrated. It’s definitely my favorite product in the new line, but I also really love the St. Barth’s Fragrance Mist. It’s perfume for your hair! If you’re headed to happy hour after a day at the beach or pool spritz it all over your hair for a fresh, clean citrus scent. Plus, if you’re in a rush to get ready after a pool day use the Beach Waves Tousling Spray with the hair fragrance and you have the perfect beachy, tousled look!

summer hair care fekkai soleil summer hair care fekkai soleil summer hair care fekkai soleil summer hair care fekkai soleil

(Me getting a blow out at the salon!)

*products c/o Frederic Fekkai – all opinions are my own

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