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If you have oily skin like me, the last thing you probably want to do is apply a heavy moisturizer onto your face. Right? Even though I do have extremely oily skin when the winter months roll around, my skin does get a little dry. It’s mostly my chin area. However, if I’m using my Retin-A cream, I put it all over my face because it dries out my skin so much. That’s why I have to use a really good moisturizer… One that has all the great skin benefits, but more importantly won’t make me feel like a grease ball at the end of the day.

Over the past month, you might have seen me posting about the new Olay Whip moisturizer. I was a bit skeptical when I was asked to try out the product without knowing the brand. I got an unbranded jar in the mail that was just a white cream. Here goes nothing… When I opened the jar, my first thought was, “Omg this smells heavenly!” so that was a good sign. My next concern was how thick the moisturizer would feel. Well… The name really says it all. It was whipped to perfection. It’s extremely light and airy when you touch it, and when you apply it to your face, it feels like velvet.

The next test was seeing how my face felt after wearing it for a full day. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel oily at all! I found myself excited to apply Olay Whip each morning and night. If anything, that is the biggest win of all for me. I’ve been using it for several weeks now, and I will say my skin feels so much more hydrated. Truth be told, I even use it for a hand moisturizer at night because it feels so good!

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