Trust Fund nail polish I am terrible when it comes to painting my nails. It looks like a 4 year old did it when I do it myself, ha. Therefore, added into my monthly budget are a few trips to the nail salon. I started getting gel manicures because they last so much longer, but then after repeated gel manicures I started to notice how brittle and thin my nails were becoming. Well after learning about Trust Fund Beauty and all of the toxic chemicals, like formaldehyde, that are in some nail polishes I wasn’t surprised my nails were so damaged.

Not only are Trust Fund Beauty nail polishes non toxic, but the names are amazing! When I first glanced through the color options I was cracking up at the names. Since I always tend to wear neutrals in the summer my two favorite picks were “I’m Kind of a Big Deal” and “Lavish Life”. Hmmm….my life definitely isn’t lavish, but I do like having a few nice things! I’ve had “I’m Kind of a Big Deal” on my nails now for a few days, and it hasn’t started to chip which normally when I get a regular manicure it starts chipping after a day or two. If you like these colors check out all the others here, and leave a comment below sharing your favorites!

Trust Fund nail polish Trust Fund nail polish Trust Fund nail polishProducts in this post c/o Trust Fund Beauty. All opinions and statements are my own.


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