The past few weeks have been a little crazy, and I can’t stress enough how important it is to be safe and take precautions. If you’re anything like me and often run out around town, suddenly having a lot of free time can leave you bored with nothing to do, especially when you’re confined to your house. So, in case you guys needed ideas for things to do at home during quarantine, I’m dropping my favorite activities below!

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There’s no faster way to make time pass than binge watching a TV show whether it’s one you love or have been meaning to watch. If you’re not a big TV person, you can also pick up a new book or put a puzzle together. Need some ideas? Check out this book or challenge yourself with this puzzle.


With spring around the corner, we all can use a head start on tidying up the home. These laundry room white bins are the perfect solution to break up the clutter without taking up too much space. I just used them in my laundry room and under my bathroom sinks! Also, it’s a great time to do some spring cleaning and I always recommend swapping out traditional closet hangers for velvet hangers. They save space, keep clothing in tack, and won’t ruin the shape of your favorite pieces!


We all want beautiful glowing skin, so what better time to get your beauty routine in check! First things first, clean and organize that vanity. These organizers (here and here) look great on top of the dresser or bathroom counter and make everything easier to find. You can also use this free time to indulge in a nice warm bath followed by a clarifying face mask and ice-cold face roller. This ice roller is perfect to use morning or night. It helps reduce inflammation and swelling, leaving the skin in a much healthier state!


I love using my free time to do things I’ve been wanting to do but don’t often have time for. I’ve already spent the past several days cooking more (see my favorite recipes here), but what I really need to spend time on right now is meditation and journaling. My therapist has been telling me I need to do this forever so seems like a good time!


Self-care is most essential during this hectic time. Since we are supposed to take one day of rest a week you really don’t have any excuse not to take a “chill pill” and take care of yourself right now. Exercise is a huge part of self care. I just decided to offer The Body Reset Program workout videos (only) at a super discounted rate right now. It’ll be the best workout of your life. Definitely get outside too!

If you are stressed during all of this chaos then try taking a bath, drinking some wine (my personal favorite), OR… Might be a good time to try CBD! I still can’t rave enough about Equilibria CBD and how much it’s helped me. Get 15% off with code: ONESMALLBLONDE

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