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I wear jeans a LOT… If you’ve been following me for a bit then you know that’s 100% true. I’ve always been a “jeans and t-shirt” gal. I have a few brands that have been my favorites for years now like FRAME denim.  Today I’m finally sharing some of my personal favorite jeans with you all. Specifically, I wanted to share the best skinny jeans because I have little chicken legs!

I do wear other denim styles, but skinny jeans are my “go-to” 90% of the time. Mainly because I have a short torso and long legs so skinny jeans really tend to show off my legs and make you look taller. I’m lucky that I do have longer legs even though I’m only 5′ 4″ because I don’t ever have to get my jeans hemmed.

So what are some of my favorite denim brands?!




I’ve been a fan of FRAME denim for years! They are my #1 “go-to” anytime I’m shopping for jeans because they have the skinniest skinny jeans. Perfect for my legs! Also, I think the quality is top notch and has just enough stretch to their jeans. They do run a little long.

SIZE: Run very true to size and don’t stretch out too much.

Rag & bone

They probably have the most comfortable stretch material when it comes to their jeans. I just got these white skinny jeans from them and they almost feel like pajamas.

SIZE: Order a size down because they will stretch out a little.


Definitely one of the brands I know will always fit me no matter what style I try on. Perfect length and just enough stretch. I like their semi-distressed denim more than any other brand. Also, not super long so you can wear with ankle strap heels.

SIZE: Always order a size down.


Super affordable! I always buy my distressed boyfriend jeans from them because their “straight leg” jean is really a skinnier straight leg which works best for me.

SIZE: True to size majority of the time.


If you don’t like stretch then you’ll love Levi’s jeans. Another great option for boyfriend jeans or super distressed denim.

SIZE: Order a size up if you don’t like super tight because they won’t stretch.


Another very affordable brand who has super skinny jeans. I love them because most of their denim is high waisted which is what I prefer!

SIZE: Order 1-2 sizes up most of the time!



the best skinny jeans by one small blonde



the best skinny jeans - black denim



 distressed denim outfit



Hopefully this helps next time you’re shopping for a new pair of jeans! Even though these are all skinny jeans I still recommend these brands for other denim styles too. Let me know if you have any other denim brand suggestions for me!

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  1. Jeans look so great on you…frankly, you bring out the best in them, for sure. As a guy wbo likes a slim fitting jean (I’m slim build) i wear almost only Uniqlo jeans these days…

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