chloe eau de parfum

I’ve never had a signature scent. I have about seven different perfume bottles on my dresser, but I just haven’t found that one that is truly me. The only bottle of perfume I’ve ever completely used is Marc Jacobs Classic. I absolutely love the scent, but for hot summer days it’s not one that I love wearing.

On my recent trip to NYC I had some time to kill while my boyfriend was working so I decided to walk over to Sephora. What better to do than shop?!  I honestly hate trying to find a perfume (after sniffing a few I swear they all smell the same), but Sephora had a perfume station set up so I decided to take a look. You know how they say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” well I’m guilty and do that with just about everything…including perfume bottles. The Chloé bottle struck my eye first because of the elegant pink, classic look. First sniff and I knew I found my new scent. It’s light, not too overpowering and the perfect amount of sweet florals.

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