Top 5 Moving Tips!

Y’all this time last year, I had just made an offer on my townhouse… How crazy that it has already been almost a year since I moved into my first home! I’ve basically become a professional mover over the last several years because before buying my own home I moved almost every single year… (no joke just counted, and it’s been almost 12 times!). My dad eventually stopped helping me because it was so much, haha! And, I think almost every time I moved it was during the crazy hot summer months…good idea Brooke.

Top 5 Moving Tips Top 5 Moving TipsTop 5 Moving TipsTop 5 Moving Tips Reliant Energy


Anyway, one of the first things I do when moving is set up my electricity because guess what… I forgot to do it one time, and had to move into a place with no AC! I personally use Reliant Energy because they have so many perks, and obviously the best electricity rates. Not only do they offer electricity services, but they have home security. Some of the other perks I love include the air filter delivery service because as a new home owner I totally forget when to change them. Also, they have super flexible move-in options and a home energy check-up service.

Alrighty… Now that you know you need to sign up with Reliant Energy, I want to share some of my Top 5 Moving Tips! Some of them are pretty obvious, but I tried to think about all of my moving experiences and what I did that really made a difference when I moved.

1. Sign up for electricity

Duh… Hopefully, you’ve scheduled your moving company or good luck if you are moving yourself. But, don’t be a dumb blonde like I was and have to move into your place in the 100 degree weather. Learn from my mistakes!

2. Use towels to pack

Instead of spending more money on packing materials, I use all of the towels in my house to wrap around any breakable objects. I use my dish towels and bathroom towels to pack all of my dishes!

3. Mark your furniture with colored sticky tabs

This will make you and the movers way less stressed. In my experience, the movers like to go fast. So, instead of them asking me what room each piece of furniture goes in I tell them the room that each colored each sticky tab is associated with and it’s so much easier.

4. Purge the junk

I promise you don’t need all the crap that you’ve accumulated over the last however many years! Believe me… You’ll end up having a “junk room” like I do now, and being mad at yourself you didn’t get rid of more stuff like I should have done. Now I get to go through the closet this summer…yay.

5. Organize and prepare

Be sure to write in HUGE letters on each box what is in the box. Once I’ve packed all my boxes, I try to move them into different corners of my house or rooms to keep things organized. Also, I do the same thing when I move into my new place. It keeps me prepared, and makes moving way less chaotic!

That’s it! Those are the best moving tips I’ve got, but would love to hear if you all have any more good ones?! However, let’s hope I won’t be moving again anytime soon!!

DISCLOSURE: Reliant Energy partnered with bloggers such as me for the Life Switched On program. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about any product mentioned in these posts. Reliant Energy believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words.

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