Hello Friday! Guess what? I have another wedding this weekend…surprise surprise! But, I’m super excited because it’s a black tie optional wedding. In my opinion, when an event is black tie optional it’s kinda confusing on what exactly you should wear. Yes, you can wear a cocktail dress but do you want to be the only one in a short dress? Or, do you really spend the money and go out to get a long dress you’ll probably only wear once or twice? Dilemma dilemma… Well, during the RewardStyle conference a few weekends ago the finale event was “black tie optional”, and I found the perfect solution. This gorgeous black culotte jumpsuit (more sizes available here).


Some of you may be thinking a jumpsuit isn’t dressy enough which to each their own. I personally think this strapless black jumpsuit is very acceptable for anything black tie optional. Quite frankly you’ll probably get wayyyyyy more use out of this jumpsuit than you will a long dress! It’s simple, sophisticated, and chic. Actually, this strapless black jumpsuit could be dressier than some cocktail dresses. When you add the perfect accessories like these Kate Spade tassel earrings, and a pair of dressy heels it takes this entire outfit to a classy level.

A lot of my friends wore jumpsuits to the RS finale party, and they are very much on trend right now. So, why not ditch the boring cocktail dress for your next black tie optional event and spice things up?! Just like a simple little black dress, a simple black jumpsuit can make a statement. Just keep it classy, and remember less is more. That means a bold statement earring is all you need in the jewelry department instead of layering on tons of bracelets and rings. Trust me.

photos: Beckley & Co.

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