Y’all, it’s just been one of those days where I don’t have much to say… I know as a blogger we are supposed to give you some great schpeal on why you should buy stuff from our blog, and why it’s so great, and blah blah blah. BUT… guess what I don’t have anything like that to say today except this snake print t-shirt is freaking comfortable.


Lately, I’ve been all about the jeans and a t-shirt vibe. I’m in a funk where I just want to be comfortable and not worry about putting effort into my outfit (but obviously look decent). So that’s why the jeans and t-shirt combo works for me. I wear flats during the day with my outfit, and if I’m going to happy hour (which has been a LOT lately) then I switch into a pair of heels so I feel a bit more dressed up.

That’s it. Simple, sophisticated, and chic.

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