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It’s a brand new year…can you believe it? I love starting the new year with some fresh new pieces for my wardrobe – like my cashmere scarf that I take with me everywhere. The big problem is that it acts like a sponge, soaking up Every. Smell. Possible.  In the morning it smells like my coffee shop, then it smells like my gym, and by the end of the day it smells like my fire pit – my scarf is like an odor-reminder of everything I’ve done in my day. And I HATE IT. I want my new pieces that I care about to smell fresh all day. Don’t you?

That’s why this year I’m upping my laundry game with Downy’s Protect & Refresh liquid fabric conditioner. It not only protects my clothes from stretching, fading and fuzzing (especially great for cozy knits like my scarf!), it also has 24-hour odor protection – like deodorant for your clothes! It’s so easy to use, just pour into the fabric conditioner dispenser right after adding detergent—no need to wait for the rinse cycle.

It’s a must-have to protect my new pieces, and keep my favorite staples looking and smelling their best wear after wear.

With a little bit of help from Downy Protect & Refresh, none of the smells from my smoky fire pit, coffeehouse, or workout kept me from focusing on what really mattered that day. Oh, AND my scarf smelled just like new the next day!

photos: Beckley & Co.

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