strawberries at nyc farmers market

lavender at nyc farmers market


apples at nyc farmers market


tomatoes at nyc farmers market


{ Life Lesson }  Don’t be afraid to get lost in a new city. You never know what treasures you will find.

Last weekend I went to visit my boyfriend in NYC while he is there for a few weeks this summer during his internship. On Friday while he was at work I had planned to wander around the city and do a little shopping, obviously. I got my coffee from Starbucks and decided to walk through Union Square Park before I headed down towards SoHo. That’s when I stumbled upon this amazing farmers market of at least 100 vendors. This was a legit farmers market and brought back some memories of the one I would visit in Los Angeles while I was interning there for a summer. I loved getting up every Sunday morning and heading to the farmers market to get fresh flowers, veggies, fruits, and anything else I had to have. It was my few moments of time to myself where I could enjoy the day and get lost in my own little world. Unfortunately, at this farmers market I couldn’t take anything back with me…well I did end up buying some fresh apple butter, which was about the only extra thing I could have fit in my suitcase.

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