nordstrom spring sale

Times are tough right now… We can all agree. But, good times will be on the horizon again! It’s kind of hard to write this post because we are all struggling right now, and especially small businesses. However, this is MY job. This is how I make money. So just like everyone else I have to “keep on keepin on”.

Since many physical retail stores are closed there are a lot doing amazing online spring sale like Nordstrom having 25% off right now! Considering we aren’t going out or need to look super cute for anyone I wanted to share things we can wear and use at home. I’ve been living in a lot of activewear and loungewear. Sneakers are the only shoes I really need right now with all the walks I’ve been taking the dogs on…

Nordstrom Spring Sale 25% Off

{click images to shop}

{click images to shop}

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