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Yes, I know we only have one more month of summer and this post is a little late… But, better late than never! I’m really liking this new series on the blog because it actually makes me get out and try new stuff in Dallas. For those of you who are new to the “New & Now Dallas” series, it’s basically 5 spots I highlight in the area that are fairly new or really trendy. This time around it’s majority new restaurant spots that have been on my list, but I’m balancing that out with some fitness of course! Okay so let’s dive right in to these 5 spots!


Sixty Vines Uptown
Elizabeth W Boutique
Laurel Tavern
Class Studios

people eating italian food on dallas summer 2018

woman sitting on a couch dallas summer 2018woman holdign a glass of wine and eating italina food on dallas summer 2018

















I’ve been waiting a year for this place to finally open! They originally opened in Plano so anytime my burb friends want to get together I would always make them go here. First off, the decor and environment is amazing. Second, they have wine on tap! If you know me then you know I’m a huge pizza and wine girl so this place is clearly a winner in my heart.

ELIZABETH W BOUTIQUE on dallas summer 2018

















Even though I typically only shop online, I do still love walking into a cute boutique like Elizabeth W! Sometimes there are days when I just want to wear something unique and different instead of the “it” item every blogger in Texas is talking about. Elizabeth started her store around that customized shopper experience. Every item in the store is only available in a few sizes so you don’t have to worry about showing up to dinner with the same top as your bestie. Honestly, I haven’t seen a lot of the lines she carry’s in the store which shows she is thinking outside the box from her competition.

P.S. She is a Junior League of Dallas lady with me so I always want to support my ladies!

woman in LAUREL TAVERN and holding a glass of beer

liquor and bar counter at LAUREL TAVERN


This cute new spot just opened up down the street from me on Lower Greenville. Since that is my stomping ground area I had to check it out last weekend. Drinks = amazing. Menu = pleasantly surprised. Atmosphere = awesome casual date spot. It’s so dark and cozy it’s perfect for a cold winter night. Or…you can totally catch me watching some fall football here! It reminds me of one of my old favorite bars in Uptown (which I’m too old for that area now haha) so I’m happy it opened!

woman exercising in CLASS STUDIOS

woman exercising in CLASS STUDIOS on dallas summer 2018 woman doing pushups in CLASS STUDIOS on dallas summer 2018

















GET YOUR ASS TO CLASS. Do you need more motivation to workout? Every time I walk into Class Studios and see that sign it makes me think, “yeah you can do it!”. Even if I’m going at 7am! I know a lot of you have probably seen me post about Class Studios over the last several months since I’ve been on my fitness kick. I really do absolutely love their HIIT workouts. It’s such a good mix of cardio and strength training with 3 different stations: rowing, floor/bench, and TRX. If you want an amazing full body workout then look no further!

exterior of ALICE Dallas

interior with tables and chair of ALICE Dallas


If you live in Dallas I feel like you’ve probably heard everyone and their mom talking about Alice. It’s 100% been the “spot” to go to in Dallas lately. Well, I finalllllly went a few weekends ago with my girlfriends. First off, the hot pink door outside is enough reason for me to want to check it out (#bloggerphoto duh). But the inside is so darn cute too! We had to sit at the bar because we didn’t make a reservation (note to self get one ASAP!) on a Saturday night. Dumb idea, but it was last minute. I don’t eat a ton of Asian food, but holy cow we ordered wayyyyy too much and ate all of it. I’ll leave it at that.

That’s all I’ve got this season for “New & Now Dallas”, but I hope you enjoyed! Also, if you haven’t checked out my full Dallas Restaurant Guide you totally need to take a look!!

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