There’s a reason my blog name is “One Small Blonde”… Can you guess why? My hair. It’s the thing I get asked about most as an influencer. Most of the time people always ask me how I curl my hair I have a hair curling tutorial from years ago, but the way I curl it still holds true.

The next thing would be, what products I use on my hair to style it and keep it healthy. Some products like the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray are still in my lineup because I’ve never found anything better. It’s 100% a product that everyone can use and love. Another one I’ve been using recently is the R+Co. Texture Spray which is a little lighter than the Oribe.

**HUGE TIP: Spray it into your hair when it’s wet and blow dry it in! Yes, I’m aware the product says to use it on dry hair, but this was the BEST hair care tip I’ve ever received. If you want your curls to stay just try it.

I’m always trying new hair products because it’s “my thing” and keeping my hair healthy is of utmost importance to me! Here are the current products I’m using daily.


In 2022, I lost a LOT of hair due to several surgeries, extreme stress, and other things. It took me about a year to get my hair back to normal. BUT… The good news is I was able to get it back! Many of you have asked about my “hair growth journey” so I’m finally sharing the products I used and still use below.


I have super fine straight hair and it’s pretty thick so there is a chance some of these particular products may not work for your hair type. However,  I think almost all of them will work for 99% of people.


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  1. How do you use the hair clay? Mid-shaft? Ends only? How much? I have trouble keeping curls separated too! Thank you!!

  2. Hi, I love your hair curling tutorial, with such a comprehensive guide, I could make the hair style for my wife. I always have dry hair, do you have any products you think will be suitable for me? Thanks

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