Last week Moreau Paris invited me and a few other bloggers out to San Francisco to visit their first U.S. store. I absolutely LOVE that city and LOVE handbags so I jumped at the opportunity. For those of you who may not know, I have a huge obsession with handbags. As I’ve gotten older my taste has evolved too. Might not be the best thing for my budget, but I’ll save a little elsewhere to buy a gorgeous handbag. Oh…guess who picked out the most expensive handbag at the Moreau store in San Fran? Yep, you guessed it!

We arrived to San Francisco mid-morning, and then went over to visit the new Moreau store for the afternoon. The store is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m a huge fan of the pretty blue decor. Have you seen my house?! We spent the afternoon playing around in the store, and selecting a handbag to bring home with us. It was a very hard decision, but when I see something I love I know immediately I want it. I found this one below, which happens to be in their latest collection, and it’s probably the most durable handbag I’ll own. The fabric is waterproof, and more of a canvas like feel so it won’t scratch or get dirty easily.

I’d never heard of Moreau Paris until they reached out to me about this trip, but this brand is a huge up and coming company! They are all the talk over in Paris which is why they decided to come to the states. Surprisingly, they have been around since 1882! Their handbags easily compare with the best luxury handbag lines, and the quality is incredible.

One fun thing about these handbags is the fact that you can customize each bag with your initials or even a unique painting. I’m more of a classic girl so didn’t do any customization, but they have some pretty cool designs (take a look at their Instagram page!).

This trip was super quick so we didn’t have a ton of free time. However, we did get to do a bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge! I haven’t been able to workout in a few weeks because of sinus surgery so I was SO excited for some exercise. Ummm….little did I know it was going to be a 10 mile bike ride!! It was totally worth it though… Once we biked over the bridge we had lunch in Sausalito at this amazing pizza restaurant. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it I’m so happy we did this bike ride because most of our free time was spent eating! No complaints here 🙂


Epic Steak
Bar Bocce
The Slanted Door
Tartine Bakery

photos: Golden Gate Photo

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