Summer in the city… I love it! Every year I look forward to my summer travel schedule. Lord knows it’s way too hot to stay here in Dallas. I will do whatever I can to get out of here and get to cooler weather. This summer I had the opportunity to visit NYC a couple of times. There is something about that city that just makes life seem better… Now living there is a different story. I’ll stick to visiting.

I think one of the reasons I love the city so much is because it’s so easy to pack for in my opinion. All you need is black! Right up my alley… When I found this black eyelet jumpsuit by Topshop I knew it would be perfect for the city. Even though NYC wasn’t nearly as hot as Dallas, it was still sticky. That’s why I love a black jumpsuit in the summer instead of a little black dress. Why? Because I hate sweating in my inner thighs and them sticking together when I try to cross my legs! Sorry if that’s TMI…

Black Jumpsuits

black eyelet jumpsuit

Black Jumpsuits from Top Shop

Black Jumpsuits from Top Shop

When I am in a place like NYC, I think Topshop is one of those brands that fits perfectly with the city vibes. Actually, anytime I visit NYC I always pop into the Topshop store. Unfortunately, we don’t have a store in Dallas but Nordstrom has such a big selection from the brand it is fine. I actually have about 10 things in my shopping cart right now that I really want. No surprise it’s a lot of neutrals which is just another reason I love them.


*Thanks Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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