Grown-up back to school style as modeled by an adult

Did anyone else get SO excited for back-to-school shopping? I feel like that was the highlight of my year when I was younger, haha. Although I feel like school starts earlier and earlier each year… I know some kids who went back to school the first week of August. That’s crazy! Granted, I don’t have kids yet so I might change my mind once I do have ones of my own lol. The one thing I don’t look forward to when school starts is the dang school zones… Ugh. There are about 20 in a 5-mile radius of me. I swear.

Anyway, I wanted to share an outfit that I would actually wear if I were still going back-to-school. I’d actually wear this outfit regardless of if I were going back-to-school because it’s so cute. You wouldn’t believe where this entire outfit is from either… Can you guess? I’ll give you a hint… Where would you go buy school supplies? It’s Walmart!

don't grow old, grow smart, Grown-up back to school style

to learn is to never get old

a woman in a dress for school

a woman in a dress for school

Grown-up back to school style

Grown-up back to school kicks and pack

Grown-up back to school dress

Grown-ups go back to school too

So yeah… I got this entire outfit from Walmart and for only $65!  These super cute Golden Goose sneaker dupes are under $20. The best deal I’ve found in a while that’s for sure. Also, this leopard dress is under $30. It does run a bit big, but for only $30 who cares. Just belt it as I did and you’re good to go. Even if I got the bottom hemmed to make it shorter it would probably only cost me about $10 which is still worth it to me.

Since animal print is a seriously huge trend for fall I’d rather buy a bunch of less expensive cute items to wear all season. I found some other amazing animal print items like these leopard booties and cheetah flats both under $50. I’ll admit I’m not one to buy shoes that aren’t comfortable, but I tried on all of these and was pleasantly surprised they were all very comfortable.

Anyway, my point is Walmart is stepping up their fashion game and I really like it!

*Thanks Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my truthful and honest review.

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