fall weather, fall outfit inspo, casual outfit, dainty jewelry Hey y’all! What a day… I’ve been on the phone with my cable and internet company all afternoon… Don’t you just love those days? Not! Anyway, while I’m stuck at home what better to do than a little online shopping at Nordstrom? Raise your hand if you are doing this at work right now… Don’t worry I’m not judging 😉

I wanted to share another fall inspired post about updating your accessories. I talked about updating your handbag game last weekend, and I may have purchased another bag over the weekend. Handbags are my weakness! I just can’t resist… It’s a problem I know, I know! But when I saw this gorgeous black velvet crossbody from Nordstrom it was calling my name. It’s the perfect bag for any event this fall, and how pretty does it look with this green floral maxi dress?! Think about it…we are coming up on the busiest time of the year with parties and events!


Brooke Burnette, nordstrom, fall outfit inspo, fall lookDallas Style Blogger, Brooke Burnette, fall, handbags, dallas Dallas Style Blogger, layered jewelry, fall accessoriesDallas Fashion Blogger, camel jacket, fall layersDallas Fashion Blogger, green dress, fall fashionOkay so if you are like me, I wear the same pieces of jewelry over and over. I keep things simple unless it’s a great pair of statement earrings. However, at some point, you just can’t avoid the “wear and tear” issue. I have one dainty gold necklace that I wear a LOT… But, it started to look tarnished so that’s when I knew I needed an update. I saw this pretty gold lariat necklace while on my weekly Nordstrom visit (#guilty) and loved that you could adjust the length.

I also wear the same gold stackable rings over, and over, and over. See I am a creature of habit when it comes to some things (just not handbags…). Again, it was time to update my ring bling. I found this fun gold circle ring, and these stackable rings which can always be worn on repeat! Gotta love Nordstrom’s great jewelry selection. What are you “go-to” daily jewelry items?!

photos: Beckley & Co.

*Thanks Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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