For the record, no Ben and I are not dating. Haha. I swear every time we do a post together someone is bound to ask that question! He is my good guy friend who you all may have seen in my “FIIT” series where we talk about being financially, physically and fashionably FIIT. So that’s why I wanted to use him for some insight on what to get your new boyfriend or any many in your life for the holidays?

Finding the right gift for him is always hard because what guy is going to say, “Yes I want ____ and _____ please.”. None of them will really tell you exactly what they want, am I right? Even my dad who is very particular won’t tell me specifically what he would like for a gift. But, one gift for him that is always a good choice is a new watch! Especially one from Original Grain watches. Have y’all heard of them? They have some really amazing watches that are all made from reclaimed wood and steel. Some of the watches are made from wood out of a Kentucky bourbon barrel or from seats at Yankee stadium! Is that not so cool?!


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Jacket // Gucci Sandals // Charger // Organizer // Book // Cologne // Travel Kit 

Packing Cubes // Shoe Kit // Scarf // Glass // Water Bottle // Uggs

When I told Ben he didn’t get to keep the Original Grain watch because we were giving it away in my “10 Days of Thankfulness” Giveaway he was sad, ha. But, we know one of you all deserve it much more than us! It’s really the perfect holiday gift or any time of year gift for that matter. They have so many unique options to choose from for any type of guy. There is an entire collection of MLB watches for the sports guy in your life!

I think the coolest thing about shopping for an Original Grain watch is how you can shop by wood material. You can find watches made from beer and whiskey barrels! I feel like any guy would think that’s interesting. Obviously a watch is a pretty traditional gift so let’s talk about some other unique gifts for him this year!

Holiday shopping for the men in our lives can be daunting but the items above will help you make gift choices that they will love! Before I buy gifts for my dad and guy friends, I first think about their interests and items they would use or wear. Some of my guy friends are fashion forward while others love to travel and others love a good cocktail/cigar.

For the fashion forward men, you can’t go wrong with either the Gucci slides or the Ugg loafers. Both choices are timeless. The Uggs are beyond comfy and warm too. The classic Burberry scarf will be a gift they will wear for years to come. The Lululemon jacket is perfect for the fitness lover.  The traveler would enjoy getting the Tumi packing cubes.  I can’t travel without packing cubes. Any guy would appreciate the charging pad, watch and the organizer. The organizer is perfect on top of a dresser, on a desk or even kitchen counter. The watch speaks for itself as it is incredible. Of course, the cologne is a the safe choice that any man would use. Lastly, for the guys that enjoy a good drink and/or cigar, the Corkcicle cigar resting glass and Whiskey Cocktails book would make an amazing duo gift.

Cheers! I wish you lots of luck when shopping for the man (men) in your life!

photos: Beckley Co.

*Thanks Original Grain for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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