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Happy 2017!! I rang in the new year in Keystone on a very fun and special ski trip. I hadn’t been skiing in 3 years so I’m not going to lie there was a struggle getting down the slopes, haha. However, I looked amazing in my fur trim ski jacket from Saint Bernard while I was skiing down the mountain! That’s the most important thing, right?

While I was skiing I saw so many basic ski jackets…black, red, blue, white. Totally fine because my last ski jacket was a simple white ski jacket. BUT…this time I wanted to stand out while I’m I was on the mountain. This speckled Bogner ski jacket definitely made me stand out which was a good thing because my boyfriend could easily spot me (we may or may not have gotten split up a few times…). Also, this fur trim ski jacket is by far the warmest ski jacket ever. Not kidding. I only had to wear this turtleneck base layer under this jacket while I was skiing. Normally, I’d have at least 3 layers on to keep me warm!


ski gear saint bernard sportsski gear saint bernard sportsski gear saint bernard sportsski gear saint bernard sports ski gear saint bernard sports ski gear saint bernard sportsski gear saint bernard sportsski gear saint bernard sports

There are a few other things I’d highly recommend investing in for a ski trip. First, a great pair of Sorel boots. I wore these Sorel zip up boots basically the entire trip. They kept my feet super warm, and are so easy to slip on and off! Another thing I normally wouldn’t take with me while skiing is a backpack. I don’t know why I never took one with me on the slopes, but I won’t be skiing without one anymore. This cute neoprene backpack was just the right size for me to bring my camera, hand lotion, chapstick, and left room for me to put my gloves and hat in while we were at the top of the mountain taking a beer break 🙂

Whether you are going on a ski trip or any active trip you can find everything you need at Saint Bernard. I’m lucky we have a store here in Dallas, but you can shop all of these items on their site!

P.S. Check back tomorrow for my city guide with all the places and restaurants we visited on our trip!

*Post sponsored by Saint Bernard. All opinions are my own.

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