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My travel schedule hasn’t been quite what it was last year… Did you know I did 15 trips in a year?! I didn’t even know it until I went back and looked at my calendar because my short term memory is seriously going haha. BUT… I’ve got the itch again! That’s why I couldn’t resist a fun media trip to Florida a few weeks ago. Also, because I needed a tan SO bad!

The plan was to visit to boutique resorts owned by Ocean Properties which both are part of the Opal Collection. Our first stop was at the chic Hutchinson Resort and Spa which is just north of Palm Beach. Honestly, it’s the perfect spot to go and have a “digital detox” (aka step away from your phone and work) for a few days. You could totally do Palm Beach for a few days to have some fun, and then head up to Hutchinson Resort for a few days of relaxation.

The thing I loved most about this boutique hotel was the decor! It reminded me so much of my own home decor style with the deep blues and white. If I had a beach house of my own I could totally see it looking very similar to this hotel.


Hutchinson Resort and Spa north of Palm Beach

casual Palm Beach vacation outfit

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We only had about a day and a half here at Hutchinson so I had to make the most of it… Which means get to the pool and get a drink ASAP. The first morning we were there we went out for a fun water adventure. Basically it was motorized paddle boats on the ocean! SO MUCH FUN! Once we got back to the hotel we had a quick lunch at the pool bar where I had the most delicious cocktail (pictured below). I’m not a big “fruity cocktail” person, but omg this strawberry basil concoction was amazing.

ruffle bikini top and denim cut offs

trendy bikini summer 2018

resort north of Palm Beach Florida

best tacos near Palm Beach

poolside views at Hutchinson Resort and Spa

beach vacation cocktail bar attire

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After lunch we had a few hours to spend by the pool or at the beach before our spa appointments. Boy did I ever need a massage… I’d just finished my 6-week body reset and the massage therapist could totally tell my body needed a break. The spa isn’t that big, but totally worth it. My massage therapist was so informative and gave me tons of tips/tricks to help with my migraines.

That night we had a private dinner at Drift Kitchen + Bar. Since I hadn’t eaten pasta or carbs in 6-weeks you have no idea how happy I was to indulge in their pizza and fresh homemade pasta! Thank goodness I had on this flowy white maxi dress because full is an understatement after that meal.

flowy white summer maxi dress

homemade Italian food from Drift Kitchen + Bar wine from Drift Kitchen + Bargorgeous beachside resort north of Palm Beach Florida

The next morning we jetted over to the Gulf side of Florida to Zota Beach Resort which is just south of Tampa in the Longboat Key area. Not going to lie… I could really get used to the jet lifestyle! But really who wouldn’t love flying on a private jet?! If only I could find a rich husband…kidding kidding kidding! 😉

summer vacation travel style worn by Dallas lifestyle blogger

summer vacation views

white slides worn in Florida

high waisted black bikini bottoms with trendy details

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Once we arrived at the property we were greeted with a champagne toast! Actually they greet every guest with a nice glass of champagne. Honestly, I think this should be a requirement at all hotels. Just sayin… Zota Beach Resort has a bit more of a beach vibe with it’s more neutral decor and pops of color. I preferred their beach because the water was a little warmer on the Gulf side, and they had amazing day beds you could rent on the beach. One of the influencers on the trip with me went kayaking and had dolphins come right up next to him!!!!

I loved the inside of Hutchinson Resort, but I think Zota wins on the outdoor area. Their pool area was very large with cabanas aligned on one side and this gorgeous tree area (pictured below) at the back where you could play games.

Yellow floral blouse paired with high waisted white shorts

Zota resort pool

Brooke Burnett wearing floral mini dress on Florida beach

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Since this trip was called “Sunrise to Sunset” I was expecting some really good ones! I have to say they did NOT disappoint. I woke up early one morning for sunrise yoga on the beach, and that sunrise will forever be stuck in my head. It was literally like looking at a watercolor painting with beautiful layers of blue and pink. I wasn’t paying much attention to the yoga moves because I was so mesmerized by the serene view (and because we saw dolphins!).

Now let’s talk about the sunset… I feel like I’ve seen a decent amount of gorgeous sunsets but holy cow the one at Zota was nothing like I’ve ever seen. It was a bit cloudy right before dinner, but then the clouds disappeared and the sun looked like this giant blazing ball of red fire.

The pictures above don’t do it justice! I’ve never seen the sun so big.

It’s in those short moments where I feel most at peace and God’s presence. There are no cares or worry in my mind. It’s silent. And that’s hard to do in my mind! But truly it’s moments like these that we all need to experience more often. We get so wrapped up in “life” that we forget to enjoy the little things.

Actually, during the sunset we met this couple who were 80 and 85 years old taking pictures on the beach. They had just been married so we helped them take a few photos and chatted for a bit. They spent 25-years apart before they were able to be with each other… Lord, please don’t let me be 80 years old before I find a husband. Haha. But, we asked them what advice they had about love? Their answer, “no time is more valuable than the present”. Isn’t that the truth?

off the shoulder top beach vacation outfit

white and black embroidered midi dress paired with black wedges

poolside meal on vacation

light blue shift dress, white statement earrings and summer clutch

multi course vacation mealpoolside eatstrendy one piece swimsuit worn on Florida beach

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After watching the sunset on the beach, we indulged again in a wine pairing meal at Viento the hotel restaurant. Once again, this girl doesn’t turn down a 6-course wine pairing meal. Huge kudos to the chef because he did a pretty amazing job. I even ate octopus and liked it!

Overall, I couldn’t recommend these properties more if you’re planning a trip to Florida. They are definitely places I wouldn’t think of first but they exceeded my expectations. Most importantly, the staff were the nicest people which goes a long way on vacation.

The other reason I loved this trip so much was because I made new friends!! Ady from Verbal Gold Blog is #goals. She is a full-time travel blogger and seriously the nicest person ever. Reggie from Houston Style is a hoot. He and Ady kept me entertained for sure. Camille is a Dallas blogger and the cutest little human ever. Hopefully, I get to see everyone again!!

Verbal Gold Blog and One Small Blonde at Zota Beach Resort

travel bloggers One Small Blonde and Verbal Gold Blog at Zota Beach Resort in Florida

A huge thanks to The Mayfield Group, Opal Collection Hotels, Hutchinson Resort + Spa, and Zota Beach Resort for having us!!!

*This post was sponsored by Opal Collection. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. Great post! I love seeing everyone’s beach resort trips this time of year and where they went. The place you stayed at looks gorgeous, and I can imagine how good the food was. Also, you’re brave for eating pasta and pizza in a white dress lol!


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