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So it’s that time of year when we all realize we ate wayyyyy too much over the holidays, and need to get our butts in gear with new fitness goals. I’m usually fairly consistent when it comes to working out, but I’ll admit I let my love for food (and a lot of red wine) go a little too far last month… Over the last few years I’ve noticed my body changing, and my metabolism slowing down. Awesome. I’m sure many of you have been there so I’m sharing my fitness goals for 2016!

#1: Look Good. Feel Good. I’m a little self conscious so when I go to the gym I want to know I look good in what I’m wearing because I’ll feel good about myself (even though I’m not in the best shape right now). This new outfit from Style Squared Clothing was perfect motivation to jumpstart my fitness goals! P.S. They are having a huge SALE! 25% off everything!!

#2: Don’t push too hard. I was a cheerleader for 10 years so I’m used to being pushed hard when it comes to working out. However, I’ve learned to set my competitive tendencies aside because pushing too hard isn’t the way to do it. Learned my lesson the hard way on that. Although, it is okay to push yourself a bit to reach your GOALS! Just be smart, safe, and know when it’s time to take a break. It’s okay to take a day off, I promise!

#3. Learn about the food I’m putting in my body. I LOVE FOOD. Even my girlfriends joke about how much I can eat sometimes. BUT… I need to be healthy. It’s all about choosing that salmon over the mac n cheese (so freaking hard!). I like to cook a lot, and I know what I like to eat but I’m really not sure if the things I’m eating everyday are giving me the nutrients I need. That’s why I download an app to track what I’m eating. It’s called Lose It, and you can find me so we can be friends – Brooke (One Small Blonde).

#4. Get an accountability partner. It’s always way easier to go workout when you have someone going with you. I’m doing classes with two of my best friends so if I don’t go and they do then I just feel lazy. Whether it’s your friend, mom, husband, or dog (believe me when Jaxson gives me that look I feel so guilty…he probably deserves a walk everyday) just find someone to encourage you!

#5. Have fun! Yes, working out can be fun. Get out of your routine or comfort zone and do something different! I’ve learned if I don’t know what I’m doing it’s easier to make fun of myself and loosen up. Makes things much more enjoyable! And…smile. You’d be surprised if you smile a few times when working out it changes your mindset. 🙂

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