Brooke Burnett is sharing some FATHER'S DAY GIFT IDEAS

Morning y’all! I never used to say “y’all” but my Oklahoma roots started coming out over the last few years. Speaking of Oklahoma… I went back home a few weeks ago to hang out with my dad and pick out some fun Father’s Day gifts. We grew up going to the lake where I learned how to fish at a very young age. I used to love playing with the minnows you used for bait, haha. When we sold the lake house my dad couldn’t resist the urge to have some sort of getaway place. So he bought some land a few years ago with this big pond where he could still fish and hunt.

I can’t say I fish that often anymore, but it does bring back lots of great memories with my dad! We actually went fly fishing together last fall in Montana which was an experience I’ll remember forever! That’s why this Father’s Day I wanted to get him some new fishing gear from Academy Sports + Outdoors. He already has plenty of gear, but what fisherman couldn’t use an extra fishing reel?

FATHER'S DAY GIFTS - Yeti cooler and can holders - One Small Blonde Blog

FATHER'S DAY GIFTS - Yeti cooler and can holders - One Small Blonde Blog

Yeti cooler and can holders

Yeti cooler and can holders

Brooke Burnett and her father

FATHER'S DAY GIFTS - Yeti cooler and can holders

One Small Blonde's father

FATHER'S DAY GIFTS - Yeti cooler and can holders

My dad is a stylish guy, but when it comes to hanging out at the farm house he doesn’t really care how he looks. But would any man? So I also decided to get him a new fishing outfit with these shorts and fishing shirt. To complete the outfit a camo hat only seemed appropriate!

Okay now that he is ready to go with his new gear let’s just take a moment to talk about fishing… In my opinion, it’s kinda boring haha. I am not one with a lot of patience so I’m not going to be sitting out there for hours without a drink. He’s never owned a Yeti cooler which is quite surprising so I knew that would be a great gift. It’s really a great gift for any guy in your life to be honest! And, you’ve gotta keep your drink cold with these Yeti can holders after you get it out of the cooler.

My dad has always loved Academy so when he got to go with me to pick out all of these Father’s Day gifts he was quite excited. Whether your dad is into fishing, hunting, sports or lounging by the pool, Academy has the best picks for dad. What would your dad want from Academy if he had an ultimate shopping spree?? He might just get that chance if you enter my $1000 giveaway on Instagram!!

*Thanks Academy for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. time with our dads and husbands is always hard to get in but when we do time goes too fast.

  2. I’d like to send you something from our company I think your dad would use while he’s fishing. If your interested send me a email to I enjoyed your article, I lost my dad four years ago & miss the days fishing with him. Go as much as you can with your dad while you still have time.

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