Look who is back! It’s only taken me 7 months to lock this guy down for a photo shoot 😉 I know I’m a busy lady, but this guy is doing all the things right now. If you are new to the blog, no Ben is not my boyfriend… Just my Instagram husband basically, haha. He’s also my financial advisor and one of my fitness instructors. Last summer, we started a series on the blog called the “FIIT” series covering three topics:

1 – How to Get “Financially FIIT”

2 – How to Get “Physically FIIT”

3 – How to Get “Fashionably FIIT”

Ben covers the finance part. We both cover the fitness part. I cover the fashion part. Aren’t all these things the keys to a healthy and happy relationship? Kidding… Although they should be important in a good relationship in my opinion. If you are “Physically FIIT” then you are in a better state to work harder and be “Financially FIIT” which means you can be “Fashionably FIIT”!

FASHIONABLY FIIT - brooke and ben

FASHIONABLY FIIT - brooke and ben

Today’s post kind of covers the finance and fashion aspect because we are talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and how to look good on all of your future date nights! Seriously, this Nsale is a BIG DEAL and you can save BIG MONEY on lots of merchandise you can wear right now and through the fall and winter seasons. Let’s face it ladies… We know men don’t like to shop so this is the one time of year to update their wardrobe! And, they will be happy because you saved money!

Some of the main things I think guys should buy on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are pants, shoes and coats/jackets. Let’s start with the big-ticket items like a new heavy coat or suit jackets for work. I found this amazing black leather jacket for Ben since he already has a lot of nicer jackets for work. Personally, I think every guy should have a good leather jacket that can be worn out for a casual date night. Clearly, he isn’t wearing it for these photos (summer in Texas ya know), but it looks so good with this plaid button down and jeans. Because we have a fairly mild winter it’s perfect for those cooler months in Texas!

If your man does need some new work attire, then this is a great time to buy some new blazers and suits. There are even some good heavy winter coats on sale right now that could be given as a Christmas gift.


ben evenden dallas djbrooke burnett dallas fashion blogger wearing leopard midi dresspreppy couple

beautiful couple

Since we were talking about suits that leads me another great thing to buy on the Nordstrom sale is pants or jeans. Every guy could use a new pair of quality jeans. His “going out” jeans need to be different than those old “comfy” ones he wears around the house. Am I right? The first thing Ben said when he put on these dark denim jeans was, “Dang these fit so good! And are so comfortable.”.

Guys in khaki pants have always reminded me of the frat guys I went to college with… But, we are giving khaki pants a new look today! Every guy has a basic white t-shirt so how easy is it to throw on with a pair of relaxed khaki pants? Then the sneakers make this look complete for a casual day date! Any guy can wear this outfit no matter what their style might be.


Nsale date night by one small blonde

Nsale date night by one small blonde

My last recommendation for guys to shop during the Nsale is shoes. They can get all of their dress shoes for work to last them throughout the year, and a new pair of sneakers or running shoes. You always need a new pair of athletic shoes each year so why not snag them now?

My favorite trend I’ve seen for guys shoes this year is the rich cognac color. I know a lot of men have dress shoes in this color, but I love the casual sneaker in this color. Almost every shoe I looked at on the sale came in this color so that’s when you know it’s popular.

Also, there are a lot of crossover type shoes that have combined a dress shoe for work with a sneaker. Genius. These Cole Haan shoes really caught my eye and reminded me of a similar pair my dad just bought. My father has good style so I trust his choices!


ben evenden fitness instructor at zynn 22 Nsale date nightNsale date night

Nsale date night

Basically, if your man doesn’t like shopping then this is the one time a year they should do it! I’ve already convinced my dad and two of my good guy friends to go shop the Nsale. Guess what… They came back and said, “Oh yeah you’re right there is some great stuff!” I think my good guy friend spent $600 because of me, haha.

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  1. Love the outfits and NSale suggestions!

    Odd question… were the second outfit photos taken at the Old Monk? My husband and I used to live across the street from there and would go there all the time. We live in NY now, but it’s so fun to see pieces of our past that I recognize (or at least think I do haha).

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