I’m not a huge beauty snob, but when I do find a product I love I’ll talk your ear off about it! That’s why I have to tell you all about the new DUO Body Cleanser. I’m sure many of us have a loofah in our shower, but get ready to throw that thing away because this new little shower cleanser is going to change your shower game. Plus, it’s going to make your bathroom smell like heaven!

So why is the DUO Body Cleanser so amazing? Well…it’s a loofah and soap in one! Like why didn’t I think of creating this thing? There are two sides: one for exfoliation and one for lathering and washing. It cleans your skin 2x better than any ordinary bar of soap or puff. All you have to do is add water, and then hang to dry like your typical loofah. This little thing lasts up to 30 uses too which is fantastic because I usually forget to change out my loofah!

duo body cleanser

There are three scents available from Ivory, Olay, and Old Spice so the boys aren’t left out either. My personal favorite is the Ivory because like I mentioned before it smells incredible. The first time I used it my shower went over like 20 minutes, and I love that my bathroom smells good every time I walk in!

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