Destination… anywhere?!

Destination… anywhere?! But seriously… I have quite a few travel opportunities coming up over the next few months so I’m considering renting out my house for the summer. I’ve always thought about moving to another city for a few months, but never pulled the trigger. The more and more I’ve been thinking about it I kinda think this is the perfect timing. I don’t really have anything holding me here in Dallas at the moment so why not?

That’s why today I’m sharing my “go-to” travel outfit formula with Walmart. It’s comfortable and cute plus these sneakers are super easy to slip on and off in the airport. Also, I’ve been in need of a new medium sized suitcase and I absolutely love this white suitcase with the rose gold details!

my “go-to” travel outfit formula

one small blonde is sharing her go-to travel outfit

one small blonde is sharing her go-to travel outfit

my go-to travel outfit

White sneakers and woven bag

So where am I off to next? My next two trips are back to the beach! I can’t ever complain about too many beach trips. I’m not sure these will be quite as luxurious as Casa Koko, but it’s the beach so who cares.


30A Florida
The Bahamas
Hawaii (let’s hope!)
Sonoma (TBD)
NYC/The Hamptons

And that’s the list just until July! Crazy right? But like I said, what’s holding me back? Nothing really. Yes, I don’t want to leave the pups that much but I know they will be fine. So since I’ll be in an airport quite a bit I need a good travel outfit. My formula for the easiest travel day outfit: t-shirt + stretchy or loose pants + sneakers.

You can never have too many white t-shirts in my opinion. But, who wants to spend a fortune on a basic white t-shirt? Not me. You could get a ton from Walmart each like $20. I swear I always get something on a white t-shirt no matter what…so I’ll take the cheaper one.

Side note… Did you know Walmart sells designer/premium brands too? Like Clavin Klein and Lord & Taylor? These cute floral pants are actually from Lord & Taylor! They are loose fitting and have an elastic waistband which make for extreme comfort. Especially when you’re traveling all day!

And that’s my travel outfit formula y’all! You’ll still look cute, but it’s not an outfit you’ll have to put much effort into when your alarm goes off at the butt crack of dawn.

Thanks Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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