davines hair careIf I had to pick between wearing make-up or styling my hair every day I’d absolutely choose hair. When it comes to my hair I am extremely picky…just ask my mother. But aren’t we all? Finding a great hairdresser is a difficult task! I got lucky when I found my colorist, and our relationship is going on 5 years strong. Considering my natural blonde hair isn’t quite as blonde as it used to be I obviously have to get it colored. Yes, I’m sure you thought I was a complete natural blonde, j/k 😉 When it comes to the hair care products I use I don’t stray to far from what I know…until now!


Last week, I had the opportunity to visit a new salon for a Davines treatment. I’m always up for someone styling my hair. Whenever we would visit my grandma I’d always ask her to brush my hair because it relaxes me soooo much. Anyways…back to Davines. When I went in for my appointment I got the moisturizing scalp treatment. First off, the products smell heavenly. The stylist started telling me about the history of Davines, and how the products only have natural ingredients. This is a big selling point for me because I hate when my hair feels like it has a layer of film on it after I use a product. Secondly, the family is very involved in the nonprofit world and is dedicated to keeping their products environmentally friendly. You can actually reuse the shampoo/conditioner containers in the kitchen for storage when they are empty. Last, I’ve been using the Davines products now for a week and my hair feels cleaner, healthier, and fuller than ever before. Bonus, my hair smells divine!

Davines family

{Picture of Davines family from Vanity Fair article}

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