Going on a first date is always intimidating… Getting ready and picking out an outfit for a date is even harder. That’s why I wanted to put together some fail proof date night outfits that work for almost any type of date. I never want to be overdressed, but always want to look good. I mean don’t we all want to look good on a date? Haha. That’s why I bought this leopard print bodysuit in both colors! It’s a perfect date night top that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

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I always lean towards jeans, a cute top and heels for date night. It’s saying, “I put effort into my look, but I’m not too overdone.” Another option is a casual dress like a maxi dress or t-shirt dress with heels. Below you’ll find what me, Kendall and Lindsey picked out for our date night outfits!

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2 Responses

  1. Great picks excluding the ripped jeans. For a first date if you don’t want to overdress I would go with white jeans, a cute top and heels. For me date night would be a dress, 4 inch heels or higher, My pick to impress would be the floral dress with either black high heel sandals or the floral sandals. Hope your date goes well.

  2. I love how versatile your outfits are! They are so stunning and MODEST! LOVE and like you said, perfect for the spring time!! That black Knot dress is killer I NEED IT haha

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