BLOOPERS 2018 - One Small Blonde

Say what? I don’t look pretty in every photo I take? Ugh…. Who are you?!

Okay you guys this is by far my favorite post of the entire year!!!!!!!! Bloopers are BACK!! Omg I can’t even get through this blog post without dying laughing at myself. I started this last year because when Becca and I looked through the photos during shoots it made any bad day better. My lazy eye is getting bad, and can we just talk about these faces… Like what am I doing in some of these?!

I’ll look back at this post every now and then when I’m getting frustrated with this job. It instantly takes me back to reality. Not everything is perfect. Sometimes you just gotta laugh through the hard times!

Hope you enjoy!! 🙂

 One Small Blonde BLOOPERS 2018

One Small Blonde Bloopers 2018

Blogger Bloopers

Errrrr are you ready for this?

Lifestyle Blogger Blooper Photos

Dallas Blogger Blooper Photos

Blog Bloopers

Blooper Photos From Dallas Blogger

What are you looking at? Mind your own business.



Lifestyle blog Bloopers

Funny Blogger Photos

Bloopers 2018 - One Small Blonde

Ahhhhh I just want to cry and quit.

Blogger Bloopers

2918 Blog Bloopers

Uh oh………

Blog Bloopers

One Small Blonde Bloopers

Blogger Bloopers

Bloopers 2018

Are you f*ing serious?


LikeToKnow.It Bloopers

Not sure if anyone is this photo, lol!

Blazer Blooper

Bees in my photo

Bee attack



Oh shoot bees!!!!!!!Nike Blooper

Blog Bloopers 2018


Bad Hair Day

bad hair in photos

Bad Hair Day

Ugh I just want to pull my hair out. #done

Blogging Bloopers




blog bloopers

blogger bloopers

one small blonde bloopers

one small blonde bloopers

one small blonde bloopers

But really what do I do with my hands?

And that’s a wrap y’all! I always want to keep it real with you so if you’re ever having a bad day just remember this post. I can’t wait to see what new faces come out next year!

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