Y’all… This might be the best post EVER. I’ve been saying I’m going to do a “bloopers” post since the beginning of this year. Well… better late than never! Obviously, you all only see the pretty pictures I post, but it takes a lot to get that one good pic. Especially with me because I’m so awkward! Whatever though because these photos show my real personality, and it’s always fun to look back at laugh at yourself!

I’m not setting any resolutions for 2018 because most of the things I want to work on are things I should be doing anyway. One thing I want to do with the blog is getting a lot more personal with you all. I feel like I try to be open, and let you all know life isn’t always what it looks like on the screen. But, I’d love to know what you all want to hear from me?!

Enjoy the photos below because there are some good ones!!

what in the world…

pretty much sums me up… this girl loves to eat

my coordination skills are not the best…

“uhhh what” – blonde moment

“you said do what?”

hair is always an issue (insert eye roll emoji)

just my goofy self…

there are sometimes even guest appearances!

“can I just get a cloud?”

“well shit…”

“sure I need a pineapple” – gotta love props!


always have my eyes closed… struggle is real!

more hair issues…

“don’t take my coffee!”

“how does this work?”

so graceful…

“what do I do with my feet again?”

“ummm yeahhhh”

awkward hand moments…

always pulling up my jeans because I have no butt!

surprising face for drinking wine hahahaha!!!


…and that’s a wrap!!!

I have to give Beckley & Co. the biggest THANK YOU in the world for making me look good and laughing with me during all these moments!!

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  1. Hi Brooke! I found your blog this year and have loved reading it. I’m from Houston, so I love supporting a fellow Texas girl. I love hearing about skincare/makeup and entertaining and food tips, in addition to your usual fashion posts! Honesty is so refreshing, and I loved your body image messages as well.

  2. Haha love this! I think you’re the first blogger I’ve seen that has a blooper post. There’s something extremely confident about being able to share those blooper moments and just have a real laugh. I think it shows that bloggers are real humans lol!


  3. How nice to see someone who can show bloopers and not take themselves to seriously. Love your channel even more. Keep up the great job!

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