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I’ve been trying to post more personal content here on One Small Blonde. I started thinking about what my “strategy” is and what in the world will keep you all coming back to the blog besides a cute new blouse or this amazing faux leather burgundy skirt. Also, I’ve had several of you ask me to start posting work-appropriate outfits that are still trendy. So today I’m combining my blogger boss outfit and these blogger tips!

When I was asked to speak on an influencer panel at my alma mater I couldn’t say no. It was quite interesting being back on the Southern Methodist University campus and realizing I graduated almost 10 years ago!!! Holy cow time flies… This is my third influencer panel I’ve had the pleasure of speaking on, and I’ve started to realize I really love it! When it comes to marketing and specifically influencer marketing I could talk for hours if someone let me. That’s part of the reason why I started the “Blogger Boss Workshop“.

I get several questions about “how to become a blogger” or “what’s your best advice” so today I thought I’d answer some of the questions we were asked on the influencer panel. Hopefully, these might help you decide if you should take the plunge into the blogger world!


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How did you define your brand?

When I first started the blog I definitely didn’t have a specific definition of my brand. Considering YOU are the brand it can be difficult to figure out how you want to portray yourself. First, think about what you love and hate about your style, tastes, interests, and even personality. Write them all down, and then think which ones your friends would choose. Or actually have them choose, and then combine their choices with your own.

There were a few things I knew defined “me” or “my brand”: the way I talk is the way I write (don’t judge me on my grammar) + I love neutral colors + I don’t buy something unless it’s comfortable + professionalism is extremely important in my day job + my friends would always come to me for the latest on fashion trends = Simple. Sophisticate. Chic.

Did you have a strategy when you started? Or do you now?

You’d think I would’ve had a strategy since I own my own digital marketing company and get paid to do this for other businesses. But no… I basically just started posting stuff I really liked along with what was going on in my life. That’s why I always tell my consulting clients, “Do what I say, not what I do”. 😉

However, now that I’m blogging full-time I do 100% recommend getting a strategy in place. Like I said earlier, I’ve spent this last month really trying to define my strategy. I know what I like to post about, but I want to know what you all want to hear about too. After all, if you all don’t care about what I’m posting then I’m out of a job!

The first thing I’d suggest doing is buy a monthly calendar and write down a theme for each day. Or if you aren’t posting every day then write it on whatever days you are posting. Sometimes life does happen and a post may not go up on the exact day it’s supposed to, but if you are consistent then your followers will start getting in the habit of coming back to your blog.

My themes are based on the things happening in my life: fashion, owning a home, being a single girl, and being an entrepreneur. So…majority of my posts will be about one of those things with some sort of end goal (purchasing a product, giving advice, gaining new clients or blogger workshop attendees).

What’s the best advice for working with brands?

Learn to say “no”. Learn to ask for money.

In the beginning, I was guilty of taking on any collaboration that was passed my way. However, I know my followers could tell when I was posting about something that clearly they had never heard about OR totally didn’t fit in with my brand. The more you can create a story and relate a collaboration to your personal life the better it’s going to perform. Always.

Your time is valuable… Would you work for free in your actual job? No. Sometimes it can be hard to ask for money when you are first starting out, but your time is worth something even if it’s $10 for an Instagram post. Especially if you’re having to pay a photographer.

If you are going to ask for money from a brand my best advice is to form a long-term partnership with that brand. Say you’ll do a 6-month collaboration with them, and if your reach increases each month from your post then ask to increase each payment based on performance.

How much time does it take to be a blogger?

Well… I actually did a post last week about my daily work schedule. Not every single day is the same, but I try to stick to some sort of routine. It’s kind of funny to see my blogger workshop attendees faces change from the first morning they arrive to the time they leave. They start realizing how much effort and time goes into blogging. It’s a real 40+ hour work week for me… And there are no vacation days! It’s sales. If I don’t post, I don’t get paid.

Even if you aren’t blogging full-time the best thing you can do is schedule out a chunk of time once or twice a week to develop your content. It will save you time and stress…believe me. I’m still working on it myself…

What’s your best advice for new bloggers?

Be YOU. Don’t be afraid of what others will think about YOU. Have fun!

There is a reason you want to start a blog. You have a unique story because God only made one of YOU. You may get some criticism or you may not grow as fast as other bloggers. But… even if you really make an impact on one person’s life isn’t it worth it?

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  1. What great advice! I love hearing other bloggers advise people on the blogging world. I want to get into more blogging myself so all these tips and advice are definitely helping me out so I don’t freak! Also, I love your outfit. Very unique and daring.


  2. Fantastic advice! I think blogging is much harder then most people realize! It’s more work then most full time jobs.
    I like your advice about just being You!

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