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It’s still so crazy to me that I hosted the first official “Blogger Boss Workshop” just a few short months ago… Today, I’m thrilled to announce the 2nd workshop dates so mark your calendars for September 30th – October 1st and sign up starts today!!! After the first workshop, I have decided to limit the number of spots to 12 people. There is so so so much learning and hands on training during the workshop I want everyone to get the attention they need to become “one blogger boss”!


one blogger boss workshop

Quite frankly…I was just as nervous as these newbie bloggers. I’ve been a marketing consultant for 7 years now, but just started consulting for bloggers about a year ago. When I decided to pull the trigger and host the workshop I had no idea who would sign up or how many?! When I got my first two sign up’s I was ecstatic! Then when I had 10 ladies signed up a week before the workshop I was so happy I cried. And…these ladies weren’t just from Dallas. In fact, they were from all over the country!

gruet wines

We started the morning off with mimosas because I for sure needed something to calm my own nerves… I think everyone else was happy with the idea too! Also, if you’ve never heard of Gruet Wines you have got to try their champagne. I don’t drink a lot of champagne, but now I’m a little spoiled because theirs is delicious.

ultimate blogger workshop

The first half of the morning was filled with introductions, and getting right down to business. You can’t be a blogger without a blog, right? So that’s where we started. The basics of building a blog, and customizing the design to match your brand. We covered everything from setting up your hosting account, purchasing a theme, installing plugins, and more.

I also went through how to use my newly launched Ultimate Blogger Planner!

ultimate blogger planner

After getting everyone’s blog set up we heard from our amazing influencer panel: Erica Johansen, Kristina Libby, and Lynsey Eaton. This was a highlight of the workshop for sure! Everyone on the influencer panel plays a different role in influencer marketing which created the perfect situation for intriguing conversation. Even though the panel was only an hour, I know these ladies could have talked all day and the workshop attendees would have loved it too.

one blogger boss workshop, dallas lifestyle blogbird bakery dallas

*Lunch provided by Bird Bakery – a huge hit and a personal favorite restaurant!

one blogger boss, blogger workshop, blog workshop for beginners

We wrapped up the afternoon with an intense SEO class, and photography class. I think the biggest hit of the photography session was learning how to take a selfie! After a full day of learning you can just imagine how mentally draining this might be… That’s why there was no better way to end the day than with margs at Meso Maya! What else would you expect…we are in Texas!

I can’t express how thankful I am that this new venture in my career was such a huge success!! I’m beyond excited for the next workshop, and am already planning for 2018! Hopefully there will be quarterly workshop weekends! Get all the details here >> How Become a Blogger Boss!


Meso Maya
Lexi’s Loft
Gruet Winery
Fairmont Dallas
Belle Chic
Bird Bakery

photos: Stephanie Drenka

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