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Black Sneakers: Nordstrom // Black Turtleneck Sweater: Nordstrom // Black Faux Leather Skinny Jeans: Shopbop // Snakeskin Purse: Milk and Honey Boutique // Black Aviators: RayBan

photos: Justin James Photography

Happy “Day-Before” Valentine’s! I promise this isn’t an anti-Valentine’s post even though it’s an all black outfit. 😉 I’ve been on the hunt for a great pair of black sneakers (mainly for my trip to Europe in April), and I finally found a pair I love. The cut-out pattern is the thing I love most about these sneakers, plus they aren’t stiff like most pairs I tried on. These are extremely comfortable, and have a nice cushion sole which will be great for the amount of walking I plan to do in Europe. Considering I’m not a huge fan of flats I’m happy sneakers are trending, and I will definitely need a comfortable pair of flats in Europe.

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