black and white stripe shirt black and white stripe shirt black and white stripe shirtblack and white stripe shirtblack and white stripe shirt

Bonjour! It’s my first official post coming to you from Vichy, France today! I’ve been counting down the days since Christmas, and I can’t believe I’m finally here. How I ended up packing for three weeks of travel into two bags I have no idea, but I definitely did it! This black and white stripe ruffle top from J.Crew was perfect for walking around Vichy yesterday. I had on a gray cardigan over it for the mornings and evenings because it can get fairly chilly. However, once the sun is fully out it is absolutely perfect weather. Yesterday we walked down to the river and had a drink at an outdoor café while enjoying the gorgeous day. I’ll admit I tried to eaves drop even though I have no idea what they are saying, but I love listening to the french accent. Tomorrow we are off to Lyon, France so be sure to follow along on Instagram in case I don’t have time to make a post!

Black and White Stripe Ruffle Top // White Distressed Skinny Jeans // Pointy Toe Studded Leather Flats // Kate Spade Cat-Eye Sunglasses // Black Leather Braided Shoulder Bag // Michael Kors Oversized Gold Watch // Drusy Rings (c/0 Wrenn Jewelry) // Gold Pave Ball Cuff (c/o Hanuel)

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