I’ve been meaning to get this post up for quite some time now! Since I’ve been training with VIVE Personal Training, I’ve started taking a lot more vitamins/supplements. I never thought vitamins really worked until I did the Body Reset Program and learned the significance of taking each one from my trainer Jon. I’m not talking about your regular vitamins you would get at the drug store or gummy vitamins (yes, they taste good but aren’t worth it). That’s why I’m sharing more about the best daily vitamins anyone should be taking!


But first… Let me tell you why these are better than any regular vitamin you’d get at the drug store. First off, these are medical grade supplements. They are going to be incredibly stronger than anything you’ll find at the drug store. Also, the dosage you should be taking is MUCH higher than what you’d think…

The way I could tell they were better was when I took the Omega-3 vitamin. I didn’t have that “fishy” taste you get sometimes after you burp. Also, I have tried several collagen powders since that seems to be the “new” fitness thing these days… I’m sorry, but almost ALL of the ones I tried had a weird subtle unpleasant taste to them. Even when they said they were “tasteless”. Yeah, NO. When I started taking collagen from VIVE there was absolutely ZERO taste.

Believe me I know what you’re thinking… That’s a LOT of vitamins to take daily. You’re right it is. However, after taking a DNA test to see proof that I really do need to take these vitamins I try not to forget to take them. Also, I can honestly say I have felt a LOT better when I am taking them regularly. The biggest benefit… If I keep up with taking my daily vitamins when I’m not eating the best then I don’t typically gain any weight!! HOW?!

Well, the first 3 vitamins you’ll see in this list help control INSULIN and CORTISOL levels which = SUGAR and FAT. That’s why they are essential in the Body Reset Program. So, if there are any vitamins everyone should be taking it’s a multivitamin, omega, and magnesium.



A good multivitamin like the Complete Multi I take addresses the nutritional gaps you’re missing from the foods you eat. It also addresses genetic variations through the B vitamins. This multivitamin has 600mg of Vitamin C compared to the TULA gummy vitamin (I take this on vacation!) which only has 75mg! This multivitamin covers all the bases.


First off, I have bad eyes so I’ve always needed to take Omega. That’s not the only thing it does… This omega indirectly helps lower your cortisol levels meaning it addresses fat. It’s also an anti-inflammatory.


Everyone is deficient in magnesium! This vitamin helps improve insulin sensitivity meaning it helps control sugar. If you’ve got a sweet tooth you need to be taking magnesium. Also, it helps you sleep!!


This is my secret weapon… OMG was I ever so happy to learn about Glutathione. It’s a super antioxidant which basically means it’s a natural detoxifier for the body. Let me just put it this way… If you like to eat and drink wine like me then you need to take this vitamin!!!


My stubborn area has always been my tummy. I store ALL of my weight in my stomach area. It’s the worst. So, that’s why I take glucose. This vitamin lowers sugar response when eating and helps store nutrients. Basically, it helps keep my blood sugar levels lower after I eat which helps burn fat and not store sugar (aka…belly fat issues)!


I had to start taking D3 after getting my blood work done when I was thinking about freezing my eggs. I’m sure most of us don’t see a lot of sunshine everyday so we really all should take this vitamin too.


Since when did collagen become such a craze? I feel like it’s the new “kale” fad. However, I finally got on board after I started having some hair issues. Mainly, my hair wasn’t growing as fast and it felt thinner. I’ve always had super thick and good hair so I was going to do anything to fix that problem. When I went back to my hair stylist after about a month of taking collagen she could tell a HUGE difference.


Considering we are dealing with a pandemic right now and being cleaner than ever you should probably think about being healthier too! I swear taking these vitamins has helped me stay healthy and fight off sicknesses easier and faster than ever before. Start with the 3 basic daily vitamins taking 4 of each per day!

Multi = morning

Omega = 2 at dinner / 2 at bedtime

Magnesium = 2 at dinner / 2 at bedtime

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

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