stress relief lotions and bath saltsLately I’ve been a little stressed out… When work gets busy sometimes it’s hard for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m a typical female and store all of my stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. Plus working at a computer all day isn’t the best. I try to relieve my stress at the end of the day with a yoga class or short work out. At night I love taking baths with these Aveda stress-fix soaking salts. The lavender aroma is wonderful and I could fall asleep in the bath tub if I let myself! Then right before bed I put the Aveeno stress relief lotion on my hands and neck so I smell the lavender scent while I fall asleep. Aveeno stress relief lotion Niven Morgan Lavender Mint hand lotion Aveda stress fix soaking bath salts

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