aveda heat protector for hair

I regret not using a heat protector on my hair until college… I didn’t use one because I’m not a huge fan of products that leave a sticky feeling in your hair. Every time I went to the salon I couldn’t stand the way my hair felt after it was styled since they put so many products in it. Now, whenever I go to the salon I tell them to use two products: heat protector and volumizer. On my visit to Spoke and Weal, an Aveda salon in Soho, once again I asked for them to use only two products. Yes, I realize there are three pictured above BUT hairspray doesn’t count in my book (you can never use too much hairspray in Texas).

Surprisingly, I’ve never used any Aveda products… The Aveda stylist and I had our chat about which hair products she was going to use on me, and she promised I’d love the Brilliant Damage Control Spray. She was right. She sprayed it on my damp hair before blow drying, and after she was done there was no sticky feeling! Obviously, the no sticky feeling is a huge benefit for me, but there are also many other great benefits to using a heat protector: it protects against thermal damage, reduces breakage from combing, and helps protect against UV damage. So if you aren’t using one go get one. Today!

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