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I’ve lived by myself for several years, but I haven’t felt “at home” with my home decor style until now. When I moved into my latest apartment I decided it was time to start fresh by upgrading my living room furniture. I wanted something that matched my fashion style: simple, sophisticated, chic. I’ll admit…putting an outfit together is much easier than decorating my apartment. Once my new living room furniture arrived, I just didn’t feel the room was quite complete. I had all the basic elements: couch, coffee table, desk, etc., but I needed a few other decor elements to pull the room together. A year after moving in, my living room finally has that “home” feeling thanks to Furbish Studio!

brass urchin furbish studio blue swirl taper vase furbish studio decorative sofa pillows furbish studio brass urchin furbish studio blue geo nesting bowls furbish studio

Furbish Studio is a an online home decor boutique which will become your new online shopping obsession (promise). The moment I landed on their website I wanted everything. Their mix of bold colors and vibrant patterns was exactly what I needed to bring my living room to life. I was quite surprised at how a few little decor items like a brass urchin ball, and these geo nesting bowls could spice up the place. These seafoam blue linen pillows were the perfect addition to my couch bringing out so much more color in the room. Last, this blue swirl vase at the center of the room pulled everything together.

You can shop my living room picks below, but I also encourage you to check out Furbish Studio for yourself. I promise you will find something (most likely more than one thing) to add to your home! Seriously.

Solid Linen Pillow in Seafoam Blue // Off White Euro Sham Pillow (similar) // Navy Patterned Throw Pillows (similar) // Blue Swirl Taper Vase // Blue Geo Nesting Bowls // Brass Urchin Ball // Interior Design Coffee Table Book // Tory Burch Coffee Table Book

*post was sponsored by Furbish Studio*

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