Follow my blog with Bloglovinanything-but-cardio-VSI’m sure many of you have seen the “Shopping is my Cardio” t-shirt, but I prefer “Anything But Cardio” please! Up until a few months ago my so called cardio was walking Jaxson with my friend on Katy Trail for about 30 minutes (pushing it I know). I’ve attempted to run in a few 5K’s, but I’ll be honest I am NOT a runner… Over the past six months I have been working out at one of my clients interval training studios called TREAD Fitness. This is an entirely new level of cardio (my body has never hurt so bad). However, as much as I would prefer “Anything But Cardio” I’m actually starting to see some significant changes with my body (yay!)! anything-but-cardio-2 hello-sunshine anything-but-cardio Asics

photo credit: Claire McCormack Photography

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