woman wearing stripe top, Abercrombie jeans, and white sneakers

Alright…raise your hand if you shopped at Abercrombie back in the day? Don’t be shy. I was definitely that girl who was obsessed with shopping there and I even worked at their store for a few months. Yep it took me a long time to get over that cologne smell, haha.

Honestly, after high school I never thought twice about shopping in Abercrombie again. Until last year… I kept seeing some of my blogger friends start wearing Abercrombie and I thought they were crazy. Well, I finally fought through the cologne smell (which isn’t that bad anymore) and went into the store. I was SHOCKED at how cute their stuff was now! I bought at least 5 items, and was pleasantly surprised with their quality. Not to mention their prices are awesome. Also, you should’ve seen my friends faces when I told them where I had bought my cute tops.

This summer I bought 3 pairs of denim shorts from Abercrombie. You had to buy them quick too because they were selling like fire. Since we are moving into the “back to school” season and the fall I decided to give their jeans a try. Y’all… I’m kind of a denim snob, but I like both pairs of these jeans better than my designer jeans! Plus, these are both under $100! Talk about a huge savings to my budget…


woman wearing top, Abercrombie jeans, and holding coffee

woman sitting down and wearing Abercrombie jeans

woman leaning on aand wearing Abercrombie jeans

woman wearing maroon top, jeans, and cardigan


closeup of woman wearing maroon top, jeans, and cardigan

closeup of woman wearing maroon top, abercombie jeans, boots and cardigan

So yeah, if you are in need of some new jeans then seriously start at Abercrombie. These frayed hem jeans fit me so so so good, and I love them even more because they have “regular” and “short” sizes! I am “one small blonde” so give me the short version please. Don’t have to worry about getting them hemmed or rolling them up.

It’s kinda funny now whenever a friend comes up to me and says, “guess where I got this _____?”. It’s 99% of the time from Abercrombie. I love it!!

Coming from a woman who owns over 20 pairs of jeans, if you still don’t believe me that their brand has changed for the better I challenge you to go into the store and buy something. You don’t have to send me a message saying “thank you”, but you’re welcome. 🙂

photos: Beckley Co.

*Thanks Abercrombie for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Stopped shopping at Abercrombie several years ago. But after seeing this shirt, and reading your post I decided to try again. I’m a believer !! Thank you for your find !! Loving your blog 😉

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